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Full Stack Solutions

Rectangled Software

Our significant experience with Mobile and Web Solutions in many flavours ensures that we will be able to complete your project on time with the right tools for the job. Our commitment to customer service and planning ensures that we will build the application you envision. Our focus on doing things the right way and in open partnership with our clients ensures our work will be maitnainable and useful to you for years to come.

What We Do

We build custom websites and mobile apps.


We take great pride in producing high quality work. Our thorough attention to detail and focus on finishing well is evident in the release of each new product and version.

Design Comes First

A well-crafted website or app has an interface that allows a user's intuition to guide them in an engaging manner. Our commitment to design will ensure that your product will have that simplicity.

Essential Communication

Getting things done right the first time is only possible with thorough two way communication. The requirements will be correct and you will be kept in the loop.

Support & Security

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Our knowledge of best-practices and our guarantee to work with you to keep your product secure will ensure it is kept running and your data is safe.

Your Product: Your Code

We work for you! Upon completion you will receive all of the well-documented code and project resources along with precise build instructions, should you ever need it.

Full Service Development

With our solid experience creating Custom Content Management Systems, Mobile apps, and backend services, you can be certain that your solution will be robust and long lived.

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